Synthesis Body Works helps you reach your goals with a personalized approach to your fitness program while drawing from a variety of movement modalities to discover what unlocks your potential


As a life long practitioner of movement including dance, Pilates, yoga, gymnastics, martial arts, Feldenkrais and cycling, I believe that movement is a vital part of living.  Having taught many different kinds of movement for over 20 years to people from all walks of life, I have come to learn that to move with power, grace and ease, movement has to be performed with intention and with focus on principles of alignment, stability and breath.  No matter what movement inspires you, owning these fundamental principles will unlock your potential.   While I synthesize many forms of movement into your session, I believe in developing balance, coordination, agility, strength, flexibility, range of motion and cardio capacity while addressing your personal goals.  My mission is to provide you with the tools you need to become more fit, healthy and vital.