Let Movement Be Your Medicine

It sounds simple and straight forward, movement has the potential to make you feel better. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated, challenging, painful, sweat producing or any of the other things that stop you from making the choice to move.  

Movement does have to be done with awareness and intention in order to be effective in producing positive results.   Moving with awareness leads to an improved and lasting experience. 

Lets try an experiment.  Raise one shoulder up and down.  Notice how it feels. What thoughts do you have about that movement?  Now try the same movement, but go slowly and imagine your shoulder blade sliding up your back like a slippery bar of soap, take a deep breath in as the shoulder blade slides up. As you breath out, let your shoulder melt down, widening the muscles on the top of your shoulder.  Again feel the slippery bar of soap.  Notice the difference between the two arms?  Now imagine this movement on the other side.  Does imaging the movement make a difference? Do you feel more aware of your shoulders? Do your shoulders feel, better?

Focusing your intention even without movement can make a difference!  Next time your stuck in traffic, imagine your shoulders sliding down your back, melting like butter or flowing like a water fall. Whatever floats your boat, or changes that all too common habit of holding your shoulders up. 

What you think has a powerful affect on your body.  As soon as you think, "My arm is as light as a feather, it will be easier to lift, as soon as you think, "My arm is as heavy as lead, you will notice it doesn’t feel quite so easy to lift.   Too often we fill our thoughts with negative feedback. “When I raise my shoulders feel tight”.  Guess what?  Now that you told yourself your shoulders feel tight, they will feel tight!  Change it up, give yourself some positive feedback and see what happens. “My shoulders feel as soft as butterfly wings…"

Your body is designed to move.  In order to feel your life force, you must embody your design.    The body protests when inactive by becoming tight, achey and tired.  Repetitive movement we know can be harmful, so can repetitive non-movement.  Stand up, move around and feel your energy turn on!

Movement brings energy to the body by getting the blood and breath flowing,  by releasing tension in the muscles and by stimulating the nervous system.  Here’s another experiment. Let one arm hang at your side and shake it, swing it,  jostle it loosely like the limb of a rag doll.   Now be still and notice how that arm feels compared to the other arm you did not move?

Simple movements can have a profound effect.  Lets do another experiment.  You can move your body with your breathe.  Go slowly.  Breathe into the sides of your ribs.  Imagine the spaces between each rib expanding and contracting like the ribs of an accordion.  Place your hand on your chest and breath into your sternum, feel your collar bones widening.  Breathe into your belly, let it fill up like a ballon and soften as you breathe out. Breathe into your lower back so it widens when you inhale.  Now lets try breathing vertically.  Imagine with each breath the discs between the vertebrae puff up like little balloons. You just created a lot of movement in your ribs and spine by simply breathing.  How do you feel?  Focused breathing is a great way to bring energy to your body and to release tension.

Holding tension requires energy and zaps you of vitality that could be put towards doing something you enjoy.  When you learn to recognize your patterns of tension and the source of tension, you can begin to unlock reserves of energy through breathing and moving with awareness. 

Developing awareness of how your body feels when it’s moving is important because when you learn where you are in you body,  you open up to the possibility of going elsewhere.   Once you  let go of habits, you have choices.  Just like driving a car,  you need to know where you are before you get to another place.  

When you embody your design ( a body with great movement potential) with awareness, your sense of well-being is greatly improved!