Physical  Education is great for kids!  We don’t think twice about signing up our kids for music lessons or art lessons, but how about private movement instruction?  Learning organized movement skills helps kids build strength, better posture and confidence.

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Unfortunately "PE” classes kids get in school often emphasis competitive activities more than on educating kids about how the body is designed to work and how to move efficiently and effectively.   For some kids, the emphasis on sports turns them away from wanting to participate in PE and even from being physical at all. I believe all kids have the potential to be great movers with the right instruction. 

The sooner we learn how to embody our body, the more we reap the benefits! Taking ownership of one’s body means developing awareness, understanding what good posture feels like and having functional strength for the most simple (sitting, walking, standing) to complex physical tasks (jumping, turning, kicking). 

When working with kids,  it’s all about finding the right approach, based on their interests.  For some kids, it may be an intellectual approach. Learning about the science, anatomy and physiology of the body can draw in these kids.  For other kids, imagery, imagination and play may be the best approach. Kids already pursuing a sport or physical activity such as soccer or dance enjoy making the connections between developing functional strength and understanding body mechanics to the specific demands of their activity.