Kat Livingston is a vibrant, engaging and knowledgeable yoga instructor. At our program, she works with low income families including everyone from toddler to adult.  Participants move from resistance and skepticism to being excited and engaged as Kat takes them through the poses.  She is very clear in her instruction and provides options for those of differing abilities; all of this with soothing encouragement.   I would highly recommend Kat as a yoga instructor to individuals and groups of all ages.

Linda Samost, Director  , Sunday Suppers

I attended my daughter's friend's birthday party (quite a tongue twister!) and was very impressed with Katharine’s s natural talents to infuse her incredible knowledge of dance and ability to reach out to young children. This is not an easy task. Katharine was incredibly impressive and I would recommend her to instruct my child if she were to pursue dance or yoga.

Scott Abramson, CRPC®, CRPS®,Financial Advisor

Katharine Livingston has been leading me in an exercise, diet and restorative massage agenda for well over a year now. She has a comprehensive knowledge base of the body and its physical functioning, as well as multiple applications of exercise without causing harm but supercharge areas of the body that need better circulation and activity. In every session she determines, based on her knowledge of the whole person, what level and duration of exercise that is needed

for that person on that day. The sessions usually includes a unique combination of aerobics, stretching, yoga, palates with the use of weights, stretch bands, cardio machines etc. When the session is over, one feels elated, energized and ready to put in a full day of activity without any physical pain.

Katharine has a great knowledge base about diet as well and she encourages the proper application of dietary choices. The massage program she offers her clients are customized for the individual.

Above all, I have found Katharine to be a consummate professional throughout her engagement and I highly recommend her to anyone who is willing to follow her lead in the areas of exercise, diet and massage.
Peter J. Dean, Ph.D.
Founder and President, Leaders By Design

My husband and I have been working with Katharine Livingston three times a week for more than three years now. I had a trainer in NYC for 21 years so I know about loyalty and focus and routines and all the things that go into a relationship with a trainer. I can say without question that Katharine is the best trainer I've ever worked with. We work at my apt so don't use the Pilates machines; however, I feel I'm getting a full Pilates workout. She's the best!!
Andrea Rich
President, Center For Independent Thought

I am writing to tell you that Katharine Livingston is a treasure among Pilates teachers in Philadelphia. I have been seeing Katharine for many years. I started with her a year after being diagnosed with heart failure, and we began with two private lessons a week. I couldn't have done a mat class to save my life. We did one pound weights. Today, I attend both levels of her mat classes, and have worked up to 5 pound weights.
Katharine's style of pilates is perfect for the person who is older, injured, or, just not interested in the rapid-fire intensity, inflexibility and boring repetitiveness of so many pilates classes. Katharine's sessions combine pilates, yoga, weights, balance, bands, chairs, rings....you name it. They are both energizing and calming, and still give you a definite work-out.
She is tuned into her students and does the workout with them as opposed to marching around beating a cadence. She has imagination and empathy. On the rare occasion a substitute comes in, they cannot even compare. I would like to see her teach her brand of Pilates to other teachers....I think it would open Pilates to a whole new population. She is the best!
Marsha Shiflet
Philadelphia Small Business Owner

I have been working with Katharine Livingston for over three years.
She is supportive, non-judgmental, and patient. I don't have a dance background and my flexibility is somewhat limited. Katharine respects my limitations while encouraging me to do my best and try new things. She is incredibly knowledgeable about body mechanics. In fact, she seems to "know" my body better than I do.

My sessions are challenging and fun. They are always one of the highlights of my week. 

Theresa Casey, Philadelphia District Attorney